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My First Rant, Sorry Blog: 

If it's worth doing, do it right.

We have all been to those meetings/briefings with a perspective client to be told 'we want a wow space, a google office'  and at best will be told there is restricted budget. I know we have touched on this in a few of our seminars or rather the Likes of Mr Catchlove have from Herman Miller, the reality is that no one other than Google should want a Google office its their business and only their office should reflect their business.

Why then do we regularly experience the above, I think a lot is down to how we consume information so I guess the Likes of Google are to blame in more ways than one. It's far to easy to search and research subjects and all to often believe after a few hours work you have the tools to do it yourself. Now ok I have been know to partake in DIY and those  that know me know that I have often bittern off more than i can chew… But by enlarge you would not take on a rewire of your full house this way (I hope) or move your gas suppy. No we tend to leave it to an expert who has the training and experience. In addition and in my case again you will quickly realise that in the long run its often cheaper and the results far better.

So what has all this got to do with the workplace or more significantly workplace design? Businesses are being bombarded with the latest and greatest theories on new ways of working and increasingly seeing some very good images or videos from organisations that have achieved just this. The problem is that for these spaces to really work and support a business there are many months of hard work by a team of professional designers and consultants putting together a complex puzzle that we now see as a series of nice and perhaps inspirational pictures. Aonother problem and to steel the words of the industrial/furniture designer Isao Hosoe, "it is not true that our eyes see everything, they see what we want them to see"


I think we all agree that spaces we inhabit have an effect on what we do or can do. I often wonder though even as individuals if we stop to actually think what we want or need to do, how do we best achieve this and what tools will we need to this the best possible way…(back to DIY) is it because we are so busy and have too much information that we just plough on and don't stop to think,  plan and consequently do we (by comparison) just end up bodging it!?

For me the big question is if the latest furniture ideas will help solve solve any of the above or if we are not careful we are just throwing things that may well look great but are they really being selected to support the business and its people effectively or are we sticking plasters over a wound? again are we in danger of just bodging this bit also?

Vitra Workbays 2012

A great header to a blog from our friends at 404 reads "Evolve or become obsolete" if we are going to evolve then lets make sure we do it the very best way we can…take time to ask the questions and ultimately get the right team to help us deliver it. Oh and actually have face to face contact and hands on experiences to help us make these decisions. If its worth doing do it right!

Rant no 1 over, Is any one still awake? Sorry!


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