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It's a Win Win

Wellbeing Blog.

As we enter September we are a month away from our next Made for Sharing seminar at The NDC. This time we will be focusing on workplace wellbeing. 

As a keen runner, I thought it would be good if we were to get our two offices and guest speakers involved in a 5k starter race, providing an opportunity to set a good example whilst promoting health and wellbeing.
The race was due to take place on 2 September on the historic quayside, unfortunately due to a lack of interest and due to other larger events such as the Great North Run, the 5k race was postponed until next year. We will of course do this race when its re-scheduled. Therefore our seminar in October will sadly lack the pictures from the big team effort of the 5k but still benefit from the bits you don’t see…the training and hard work that goes in ahead of anything like this…

Interestingly, despite the targeted race being postponed the good in many respects had already happened. The race itself was merely the catalyst or target for people to get into action and do something, the excitement from all was really compelling and infectious. It immediately brought together a sense of team and shared drive. Interestingly the big question from many was when will it be rescheduled for? or ok, lets do another. The key thing here is that by trying to lead by some kind of example has changed into something very different. The benefits experienced from the training, togetherness and sense of team far outweigh the perceived end goal anyway. This is one of the reasons we are labelling the whole event in October as a win win for all. 

Okay, we all know that if we eat healthier, take more exercise and get appropriate rest its good for us. In the same way that employers know this and that equally there is more than enough compelling evidence to encourage us all to promote it, are we really getting off our behinds and doing something about it? There needs to be an event, a date or just something that will create a significant enough action that in turn creates the necessary reaction/s from others. I remain convinced that once we get this touch paper alight it can really gather momentum. 

In a similar vane there are many other aspects of the workplace which are becoming difficult to ignore, acoustic comfort for one and a more varied and agile workspace. The question is are we acting quick enough or decisively enough to make this a benefit now? What sort of action is required to create the necessary reactions?

We hope you can join us in October at The Northern Design Centre for the Wellbeing seminar, and/or why not get a team together and join in the next race with us? At the moment it looks like it will be some time in April, once the nights become a bit lighter.

Event Link: Wellbeing Seminar Registration

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