‘Made for Sharing’ designing collaborative workspaces
Friday, November 2, 2012 at 8:21AM
Paul Glaister

12 November 2012

Northern Design Centre,Gateshead.

Collaboration is much talked about today, especially when it comes to workplace design. As companies employ more knowledge workers, it is no longer just what you know, but whatyou do with what you know. Successfully designed collaboration spaces as well as an enablingculture are key to helping this along. The nature of work has changed and increasingly work iswhat we do, not a place we go to. 

We would be delighted if you can join us for three individual but connecting seminars about theworkplace, we will discover that through design and collaboration you can create a moreproductive, efficient and effective business.  

 This is a free event, but please register here if you’d like to attend.  

ProgrammeThe Psychology of Collaboration                              Mark Catchlove, Director, Insight Group  Established over a hundred years ago, Herman Miller has become synonymous with “modern” furniture.They collaborate with some of the most outstanding designers in the world with inventive designs,technologies, and related services that improve the human experience wherever people work, heal,learn, and live.
Successfully designed collaboration spaces and an enabling culture are key to ensuring agenuinely collaborative workplace. Mark will present Herman Miller’s latest research on the psychologyof collaboration and how it might impact workplace design.  Using the Third Space                                                   Jacqui Martin, Workplace Consultant

The world of work is changing and no longer is it about one place. As workforce mobility isincreasing, either as part of a organisation or as an individual, there is an increasing need to create space which celebrates collaboration and creativity, and most of all, a need for social connection.Jacqui will share the results from their own local research carried out this year on the useof "the third space" why we choose to work elsewhere, the issues we are faced with andwhat we really want from such spaces. 

Cloud Technology – freeing up the workspace             Jo Radcliffe, Managing Director

404 team ltd was created by professionals from the worlds of design and IT who came togetherto bring colour, simplicity and clarity to a largely grey and complex industry. Their  vision is tohelp others work more efficiently, flexibly and cost effectively with a view to improving productivityand ultimately enhancing their experience of the workplace.Jo will explore Technology as the enabler, and look at how IT and interior design come togetherto support Activity Based Working. She will describe the paradigm change of how we work, life slicingand consumerisation of IT .  After the event there will be opportunities for discussion with the speakers and other delegates aboutthe ideas presented, and how you might use them to creative a more productive workplace  

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